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creator and podcaster — sometimes writer — astrology fanatic

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If I’m being honest, I thought my soulmate finally loved me back in January of 2021… She texted me and asked me to take her to Niagara Falls. We went. We got drunk. We had sex at my parents house. We went home to Boston. And I thought this was it.

It wasn’t.

And that’s okay, I’m good. At one point I did tell her that if it wasn’t you right now, it would be nobody. There was no one else I was looking for or dreaming about. …

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i think at the end of the day when i’m alone in bed i want a lot more in my life….

i want to write songs that people listen to and love and sing along and change their hearts and mind

i want to connect with amazing people doing amazing things and share them with everyone i can

i want to create funny, interesting, inspiring media for people to see and hear and experience when they’re feeling down and not good enough to create themselves

i want to have the love of my life and partner by my side cheering…

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it’s funny because
i had you
but i put you on a pedestal, you see

and so when i kissed you
and you held me
i literally could not believe

this space
this time
everything i dreamed
in my mind
here for me
but it wasn’t everything

because when i get what i want
and the energies so built up
that i lost myself
in that short of time

somewhere else
you and i
i still cant get you
off my mind
because finally i see
what you’re reflecting to me

and i wanna try again
second time around
my hearts still racing now
but my feet are on my ground

third times the charm
there’s no use fighting now
i love you more
you love me less
but it’s about this
growing — loving — wanting — having

and me learning about everything
every single day

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i see the snow
your name
and i just know this is who i want to be

i feel like falling
so i can catch me
and never be the same

i hear your words
i see your face
i feel your pain
i cry again
but its hard to not run away from all of this again

so let me be tired
for a day a week a year
let me be honest
with myself, my wants, my fears
and in knowing its a game
and that everything will change
that i might be down right now
but ill ride the wave again…

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Over the past few years I have been a part of Scare Your Soul which is a courage movement and community that believes small acts of courage lead to big changes. This year in particular, big changes were in store for many of us. For me, it was all about mustering up the courage to reevaluate the constant changes and uncertainty and do my best to ride the wave and not being afraid of wiping out over and over again.

The Lost and Found in 2020 Scare Your Soul initiative encourages you to take the time before the clock strikes…

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November 3rd 2020

I saw on Twitter that there’s a woman at the polls today that was born before women had the right to vote and her father passed away during the last pandemic of 1918.

That made me think, what would the world would look to someone who went to hypothetically went to bed in 1920 and woke up in 2020? My great grandmother lived to be over 100 years old and if she had 20 minutes in 2020 I wonder what she would say?

I know what I want to say, see and experience when I’m 100 in…

Sara Bishbae ☀️

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